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  insert and then expel slightly in and around your anus, repeating it until you feel like youre clear. Youre not giving yourself an enema per say, just rinsing yourself out, then washing. Mcdevitt also recommends trying a vibrating anal toy with a broad head. Simply place the head against the anal opening but dont insert, or glide the toy in a circle around the opening. Wash your douches bulb and tip with warm water and soap until clean. Draw the douche solution into the bulb, lubricate the bulb tip, and gently squeeze the bulbs contents into your rectum. Remove both the tip and the bulb, and then immediately expel the mixture of douche solution and waste into the toilet.   using a rectal douche to clean out poop in the lower rectum can help. Theyre easy to use and you can buy one online for just a few bucks. But if youre wondering how to clean for anal sex, you dont necessarily need an enema. As we just established, the chances of you pooping on your partner mid act are slim to none. An anal fissure, or slight tear to the lining of the anus, may occur at the opening of the anus after anal sex. These tears take a while to heal because they are often irritated as a result of.

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